The benefits of a custom-made suit


There are two options when it comes to suits – you can go the off-the-rack route or you can go the bespoke/custom-made route. Of course, it’s easy to just go to a department store and try on a few ready-made suits until you get something that somewhat fits you, with a design that you like, but there are far more advantages to getting a custom-made suit.

At stores like Romeo & Juliet Tailor’s House, where you can get custom-made suits, your suit is uniquely designed for you, according to your desire. Not a target audience; it’s designed the way you like it. You pick the design, you pick the number of buttons, you pick the number of pockets, you pick the cuff and the style. Of course, our highly-trained staff are happy to advise you as to what would look good on you or what is in fashion at the moment – if you’d like them to, but really, the suit is made for you, and we make it how you want it.

Not only in terms of design, however, are custom-made suits created for you. Also in terms of size – the suit is made to fit you, and no one else. You also get to choose the fabric, and here at Romeo & Juliet Tailor’s House, we have the highest quality fabrics, from a wide variety, for you to choose from.

We pride ourselves in creating high quality, custom-made clothing for both men and women. For more information, be sure to contact us or visit our store at 118 Ratchaprarop Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

Kleider nach Maß in Bangkok

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